Lawn Care

A simple lawn care programme will give you a lawn to be proud of, keep it in perfect condition and make friends and neighbours green with envy.
The most important lawn care job for a fantastic lawn is correct and regular mowing. You need to cut the grass whenever it is growing – which is likely to be weekly or even more frequently as the weather warms up.
Next on the priority list is feeding the grass, and the EverGreen range of lawn feeds will produce a lawn to boast about.
Lawn weeds are a major headache that can stop you fully enjoying your lawn.
A strong, healthy and well-fed lawn will be able to deal with weeds and moss far better than one that isn’t fed and looked after
But where weeds and moss are a problem you need to deal with them quickly. EverGreen Complete is a unique 4-in-1 treatment that feeds, weeds, controls moss and builds up the lawn’s resistance to heat, drought and other stresses. It can be used from April, throughout spring and summer.