As flowers fade it’s a good idea to remove the dead and dying heads of flowering bedding plants so that the plant is denied the opportunity to set seed. This dead-heading ensures the plant continues to produce even more blooms. It’s important to feed your bedding plants with a plant feed such as Miracle-Gro. This is best done using a hose end feeder such as the Liquafeed system. Always water and feed in the evening to reduce the chance of evaporation.
Staking of tall perennials such as delphiniums, peony, phlox and dahlias is important now so that they aren’t blown down during strong winds.
Here’s a few other tips for things to do in July

  • Lift new potatoes.
  • Increase watering and feeding of crops in containers such as tomatoes.
  • Pinch out outdoor tomatoes when 4 trusses have formed.
  • Clear crops that have come to an end, feed soil with Growmore Garden Fertiliser.
  • Recently planted trees, even up to two years ago, need careful attention if the weather is hot and dry.
  • Deadhead flowers as they fade to encourage more flower growth.
  • Keep feeding your container plants with a liquid plant food.
  • Keep your lawn looking great by feeding with Aftercut Lawn Feed.
  • Check slug protection and reapply if necessary.