Westland Aftercut, What makes it so special?

Aftercut is quick and easy to apply, giving you more time to enjoy your lawn.
Simply apply after mowing, there’s no need to water it in. It contains a blend of essential plant nutrients to feed and condition your lawn. Balanced nitrogen prevents scorching and keeps grass green and in top condition. Added Potash, Iron and Magnesium help to create a hardwearing lawn that suppresses weeds and moss. Aftercut Revitaliser 2in1 contains added lawn seed to revitalise tired and patchy lawns.
Regular applications of Westland Aftercut will keep your lawn green, thick and strong. For best results apply after mowing, every 3-4 weeks from February to October. It will create a lusher, greener lawn in just 3 days.

Aftercut has 4 great benefits:

Greens in days

Aftercut has a unique mix of ingredients which get to work immediately, gently working with the grass and root system to green the lawn in 3 days.

Suppresses weeds and moss

Owing to the improvement in grass growth and vigour, Aftercut helps suppress moss and weed establishment.

Season-long health

Aftercut can be used throughout the growing season after each time you cut the lawn. It will transform the lawn, helping to suppress moss and weeds, great for prevention and will not cause excessive growth.


Lawn clippings can be composted safely after cutting.