Onion sets now in stock!

At Woodbank Garden Cente you will find a large range of onion sets. You can grow spring planting onions, garlic and shallots from seed or from sets. Growing from sets is easy as you can plant them directly into the garden where they’re low-maintenance and don’t take up too much space.

You can also grow onion, garlic and shallot sets in wide containers. Traditionally onion, garlic and shallot sets are planted in the spring as the soil begins to warm. Harvest them from late June or early July, as the leaves begin to turn yellow.

How to grow onions

how to grow onions

Onions & Shallots

All onions require good soil and free drainage. Choose a sunny site for planting. Dig the ground well in early winter incorporating a generous quantity of manure or compost. Firm the surface before planting and rake in a general fertiliser such as Bonemeal.


Lightly firm the soil and make sure it is fairly moist before planting. Make shallow drills 9”–12” apart, just deep enough to cover the sets so that their tips just appear above the soil surface. Space the sets 6” apart. Fill in the drills after planting making sure that the sets are fairly.

Planting Time



Crop Care

Protect from birds with black thread or netting. Hoe carefully or hand weed between rows to keep weeds down and water if weather is dry (not otherwise). Break off any flower stems if they appear. Mulching is useful for cutting down the need for water and suppressing weeds. S top watering when the onions have
swollen and pull back the mulch to expose the surface to the sun.


When the bulb is mature the foliage turns yellow and topples over. Leave them for about 2 weeks and then carefully lift with a fork on a dry day. Onions that are to be stored must be dried. Drying can take 7–21 days depending on the size of the onion and the air temperature.