How to grow Beetroot



Choose a sunny spot. Dig in autumn or early winter. Add well-rotted compost if humus content is low. Lime if the soil is acidic. In spring prepare the seed bed and rake in Growmore fertiliser 2-3 weeks prior to sowing.

Sowing Time


Crop Care

When seedlings are about 1” high, thin out to leave a single plant at each station. Protection against birds may be necessary at this stage. The ground must be kept weed-free. Use a hoe, taking care not to touch the roots. Dryness leads to woodiness, so water moderately at fortnightly intervals during dry spells. Mulching will help to conserve moisture. When roots have reached a golf ball size pull up alternate plants and use in cooking. Leave the remainder to reach maturity.


Pull out globe varieties as required. They should not be left to grow larger than a cricket ball or have white rings when the root is cut in half.