How to grow Carrots



The soil must be deep, fertile and rather sandy if you want to produce fine long specimens. If your soil is rather heavy or stony grow the short rooted varieties. Where land has been manured the past year don’t grow carrots at all. Prepare the seed bed 1–2 weeks before sowing – rake in a general-purpose fertiliser
into the surface.

Sowing Time


Crop Care

Thin out seedlings when they are large enough to handle, the plants should be about 2–3” apart. Take care when thinning or the root ruining carrot fly will be attracted to your garden by the smell of the bruised foliage. Water if dry and thin in the evening. Burn or bury the thinnings. Pull out or hand-hoe any
weeds between the seedlings and water during periods of drought in order to keep the ground damp.


Pull out small carrots as required from June onwards. If the ground is hard ease out with a fork. October is the time to lift maincrop carrots. If stored correctly the crop can keep until March.