How to grow Corn Salad (Lambs Lettuce)


Corn Salad

This vegetable will grow happily in nearly all garden soils and situation. Very useful as a winter salad and is grown as an inter or under cropping vegetables such as winter brassicas. It may be grown as a cut and come again crop or as individual plants. Dig over the soil 2 weeks prior to planting and rake in a general

Sowing Time

Any time between February-September.

Crop Care

Sow thinly in drills ½” deep in drills 6” apart. Thin out regularly so that plants are about 4” apart allow them to mature. Thinnings can be used also. Protect from birds and slugs in the early stages. Corn salad is fairly slow growing, it can take 12 weeks to mature. Ensure that weeds do not compete with it and swamp its growth.


Harvest leaves individually or cut across the plants leaving them to re-sprout for a second cut. During winter pick off leaves as you require them. Never strip the stems bare. Before use wash thoroughly to remove grit.