How to grow Potatoes

How To Grow Potatoes…

Potatoes can be grown in practically every soil type and are perfect for every style of garden. Whether you are a keen or novice gardener we have everything required to get you started this season!

…In The Garden

Chitting Your Potatoes

You need to set your seed potatoes out (shoots uppermost) in egg boxes or wooden containers. Store in a light (not sunny) frost free position and in about 6 weeks there will be several sturdy 1-2.5cm (1/2–1”) shoots. Be careful not to damage any of these sprouts.


The ideal sprout length at planting time is 2.5cm (1”) (although this is not critical) however the sprouts must be green at time of planting. Dig a trench about 10cm (4”) deep, placing the potatoes in it with the sprouts pointing upwards, potatoes should be planted 30cms (12”) apart from each other. Where you are planting more than one row, the rows should run from North to South to allow each plant its full share of sun. Hand fill the trench over the potatoes trying to avoid damaging any sprouts.

Crop Care

If there is still a danger of frost when the shoots have emerged, draw a little soil over them for protection! After the potatoes plants have grown to about 20cm (8”) pull up the soil in between the rows around the plants leaving a few centimetres still showing. Repeat the exercise in two to three weeks time.

…In Containers

Potatoes don’t need to be grown just in the vegetable garden. If you are short of space they can easily be grown in large containers, an instant planter or a potato bag.
Whatever you choose it needs to be able to hold a generous amount of compost to allow the tubers to develop and good drainage is essential. Potato bags and instant planters are specially designed to grow seed potatoes. This will generate a substantial crop of potatoes. It’s ideal if you are new to vegetable growing and want to have a go, or simply perfect if you only have a small garden, terrace or even a balcony.

Step 1

Simply place a generous layer of vegetable growing compost into the bottom of the potato bag. Position three chitted (see reverse) seed potatoes on the top of the compost and cover over with
10-15cm (4-6”) of compost.

Step 2

Water the tubers and keep the compost moist but not saturated. The plants will start to root and push through the compost layer.

Step 3

When this happens cover over the shoots with a new layer of 10cm (4”) of fresh vegetable growing compost. Repeat this process until the potato bag is almost full. When the leaves are 20cm (8”) above the bag start feeding every 7-10 days with Growmore.