How to grow Swede



Sowing Seed

Swedes are brassicas and like other members of the family they need firm, non-acid soil, which has reasonable drainage. Pick a sunny spot and dig in autumn. Lime if necessary. In spring apply Growmore fertiliser, then prepare the seed bed about a week later. Apply a nematode-based insecticide if cabbage root fly is a known problem.

Sowing Time


Crop Care

Thin out the crop as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle. Do this in stages until the plants are 9” apart. Keep the soil hoed and remember to water in dry weather. Failure to do so will result in small
and woodier roots. Rain following a dry spell can cause roots to split.


Begin lifting as soon as the roots are large enough to use. This will be from early autumn onwards and there is no need to wait until they reach their maximum size. You can leave in the soil and lift as required until spring.