FloPro – The easy choice in watering this year!

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As spring days lengthen and the season brings warmer, drier days, it offers the promise of spending more time in the garden. It is also the time to get the hosepipe out. However, this can be the moment you discover your hose and its accessories haven’t survived the winter. If your hose is badly kinked, or has rotted, if those connectors have been damaged or lost, now is the time to replace them. You might also have been putting up with soaked hands and arms from a leaking spray gun, or suffering an annoying drip from an old or ill-fitting connector. So when it comes to replacing your hose or accessories, it is worth considering a watering system that is robust, stylish and easy to use.

WHY CHOOSE FLOPRO? When buying a new hose or watering accessory, take time to explore what’s new in the garden centre, as its all too easy to turn to familiar brands, but it always pays to take a closer look at more innovative products. Flopro has developed, trialled and tested a new leak free range of watering products to create technologically advanced, ergonomic and long lasting products. Flopro is European manufactured and makes light and easy work of watering. So look for the bright blue in store today.  

The Flopro range is made from premium materials ensuring a robust leak free solution. Spray guns are lightweight and comfortable to use, while the elite hose range ensures no twists and no kinks, and is even crush proof. Flopro is compatible with all watering brands with an easy snap-fit connection.

THE RANGE Flopro has everything you need to start watering, from hoses, carts and reels to spray guns, connectors and sprinklers. The Flopro+ range boasts lightweight and ergonomic watering. The water flow is fully adjustable with just one hand ensuring zero hand fatigue that may occur by pulling a trigger. The Flopro+ connectors have super grip functionality meaning they won’t leak or burst off under water pressure. Handy accessories like the Ground Hose Guide can be spiked anywhere in the garden to control your hose and manoeuvre it away from plants and delicate objects. The Flopro Elite hose and the hose and cart system offers the ultimate in hose performance. The hose itself is anti-kink, anti-twist and even crush proof, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Its 6 layers with Tricot reinforced ATS TM mesh provide you with a lifetime of hassle free watering. The hose cart system gives you 30m of this hose on a rust resistant metal wheeled cart. It rides on two reinforced wheels with a wide base for enhanced manoeuvrability and stability. The adjustable comfort grip and soft touch handle can be pushed down to create additional feet ensuring the hose cart won’t follow you down the garden! The set comes with everything you need including connectors, spray gun and the 1.5m cart to tap connector set.

Flopro is the quality new watering range that is built to last – bringing water to life.