Pets & Aquatics

After months of hard work we are pleased to announce that our newly renovated pets and aquatics  department is now open.
With 80 + stocked aquariums of tropical, cold water and  pond fish with popular fish as well as unusual species you’ve probably never heard of.
The Pets & Aquatics area is a haven for animal lovers and has everything you’ll ever need for your furry,  slippery or scaly friends!
Staffed by a team of knowledgeable staff, we can offer advice on all aspects of keeping animals – from providing a comfortable home to ensuring they remain happy and healthy in your care.

Our extensive range of tropical and cold water fish takes pride of place in our pet department – prepare for a visual treat as these glorious rainbow-coloured fish make for seriously compelling viewing! With various styles and sizes of aquariums available, we cater for both the beginner and the serious fish enthusiast. We also stock a large array of pond pumps, pre-formed garden ponds, fish treatments and accessories.
Our small animal pet range includes rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. Hutches, feed and cages are available for all. Reptile enthusiasts can also find something that little bit more exotic with animals such as Bearded Dragons and tortoises. Remember to stock up on essential equipment and supplies such as vivariums, heat lamps, substrates and feed when you next visit.

With a large selection of dog and cat beds, leads, collars, chews, toys and even clothes, your four legged companions are exceptionally well catered for!