Time Savers

Time Savers

A garden is a place to relax and unwind.
If yours sometimes feels more like the opposite, here are eleven ways you can make you garden less time consuming.

1) Start well.

Before planting, prepare the ground thoroughly and be sure to get rid of all perennial weeds, especially if you are planting groundcovers. For effective weed eradication on large areas, glyphosate ( aka Roundup) is one of the best time savers we have. For difficult woody weeds use a brush wood killer.

2) Cover the ground

with mulch or mat forming plants to keep the weeds down and conserve water. Top up
with organic mulch every spring.

3) Choose plants

that love your soil and climate.

4) Plant mainly trees and shrubs.

As their roots grow deeper into the ground, trees and shrubs grown more and more self sufficient with age, surviving the summer with little to no water. Take care to choose those that will not outgrow their space in your time frame.

5) Patience pays.

Beware of plants that grow so quickly that they need constant trimming or replacing after a short time. Plant mostly slow growing evergreens that only need trimming once every few years if at all.

6) Raise the height

of garden beds, especially vegetable beds. This not only makes for easier maintenance, but also improves drainage

7) Invest in quality tools

and maintain them well.

8) Grow flowering annuals in pots

instead of garden beds. A few big pots are easier to care for than lots of little ones.

9) Invest in a hard surfaces.

A well designed and constructed patio or deck takes a lot less work than an expanse of lawn.

10) Install a watering system,

ideally with a timer. it will save water, as well as time.

11) Keep it simple.

When designing a garden, avoid complicated wiggly edges. Straight lines and bold sweeping curves are easier to maintain. Small areas of lawn that are tricky to access may be less work if mass planted in easy care groundcovers.