Boost Your Herbaceous Borders

The art of making beautiful borders is to think of yourself as painting with plants, using big, broad brush strokes.

Arne Maynard.

Herbaceous borders can be as small as any space where you can plant a handful of plants. You do not need a big sprawling border. There is the opportunity to create an area like this in most gardens.

A herbaceous border or herbaceous bed, is simply an area planted up with perennials which die down in the winter, and re-grow the following spring to give a display of flowering colour throughout much of the summer.

You do not actually need a specific herbaceous border or bed you can simply plant a few herbaceous plants in between shrubs or in places where it is not easy to get plants to grow.

Herbaceous perennials are a huge range of plants, with one for any spot in the garden – dry, damp; sunny, shaded; sheltered, exposed.

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