How to plant a plant

Planting a plant well makes all the difference to its success and survival. Follow these simple steps to give your plants the very best start in their new location:

  • Avoid planting when the soil is either sodden or frozen. If this is the case, keep your plant moist and wait for better conditions
  • When ready to plant, stand the plant in a bucket of water until no more bubbles rise from the compost and it is thoroughly wet
  • Meanwhile, dig a hole twice the size of the pot. If the soil is dry, fill with water and allow to drain away. Fork over the bottom of the hole and add plenty of compost or well-rotted organic matter
  • Remove the plant from its pot and put it gently in the hole, ensuring that the top of the root ball is just below the level of the soil (clematis should be planted 2″ below the soil level)
  • Stake, if you are planting a tree
  • Fill the hole with soil and compost, firm well to avoid air spaces around the roots, mulch with a good layer of organic matter and water well
  • Keep well watered, especially if the weather is warm and windy, and continue to do so for several months until the root system is well established
  • Protect newly planted trees, hedges and shrubs from the elements with a temporary netting windbreak if the spot is windy or exposed. Add suitable plant feed during the growing months to boost your plant’s progress