Long Flowering Perennials For Summer

You can enjoy the advantage of both worlds. Plants that come back year after year and those that bloom for a long amount of time. This also means you will have more time to appreciate the garden you’ll create.


Achilleas are traditional border perennials. They have long been valued for their feathery foliage and the beautiful, flat-topped flowers that bloom right through the summer months. But in recent years, they have become fashionably popular, used widely in perennial and wildlife planting schemes. There are many varieties and colours to choose from, ranging from white and yellow to shocking pink and the flat flower heads make the perfect landing platform for pollinators.


Coreopsis are bright and cheerful summer-flowering annuals and herbaceous perennials that bear daisy-like blooms. Also known as tickseed, coreopsis originate from North and Central America and are easily grown and reliable garden plants. Coreopsis can be annual (completing their lifecycle in one year) or perennial (lasting for several years). Perennial coreopsis mostly bear yellow flowers with some pink-flowered and bicoloured varieties too.


The starry flowers of these robust, long-flowering plants can shine in borders, summer bedding, containers and prairie-style plantings. Perennials tend to be yellow flowered, whereas those grown as annuals are available in a wider colour range, with shades of yellow, orange, dark red or brown. The foliage can be hairy or smooth and comes in green or grey.

Hardy Geraniums

Commonly known as cranesbill geraniums, cranesbills or ‘true geraniums’, are reliable, long-flowering, easy-to-grow plants. Within the species there are tiny alpine geraniums and substantial border geraniums, flowering in a wide variety of colours. Hardy geraniums are fantastic for pollinators such as bees. Some of them flower until the first frosts, providing a long season of nectar and pollen.


These dependable perennials produce a profusion of usually lavender-blue flowers over a long season from late-spring to late-summer. The tough plants are easy to grow and low maintenance, use them in borders with other perennials or as an informal edging as an alternative to lavender. Trim after flowering to neaten and encourage further flower production.


This is just a brief selection of the long flowering perennials available to choose from. Stop by to see our wide selection of perennials and if you need any help, we have a team of plant lovers to help and advise you in selecting the right plants for your needs.