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How to plant a plant

Planting a plant well makes all the difference to its success and survival. Follow these simple steps to give your plants the very best start in their new location: Avoid planting when the soil is either sodden or frozen. If this is the case, keep your plant moist and wait for better conditions When ready to plant, […]

How to grow Corn Salad (Lambs Lettuce)

Corn Salad This vegetable will grow happily in nearly all garden soils and situation. Very useful as a winter salad and is grown as an inter or under cropping vegetables such as winter brassicas. It may be grown as a cut and come again crop or as individual plants. Dig over the soil 2 weeks prior to planting and rake in […]

How to grow Chicory

Chicory Chicory is not fussy about soil type. However it does require a sunny spot. Dig the soil in autumn or winter and incorporate compost if the soil is short of humus. Prepare the seed bed a few days before sowing. Rake a general purpose fertiliser into the surface. Sowing Time May-June. Crop Care Hoe regularly to keep weeds down. […]

How to grow Lettuce

Lettuce The soil for planting needs to be neutral – alkaline, have adequate organic matter and to be kept moist throughout the life of the crop. Choose a sunny or lightly shaded site. In the autumn or early winter, dig the soil and incorporate compost. Shortly before sowing rake the soil to produce a fine tilth and apply a general fertiliser. […]

How to grow Swede

Sweede Sowing Seed Swedes are brassicas and like other members of the family they need firm, non-acid soil, which has reasonable drainage. Pick a sunny spot and dig in autumn. Lime if necessary. In spring apply Growmore fertiliser, then prepare the seed bed about a week later. Apply a nematode-based insecticide if cabbage root fly is a known problem. Sowing Time May-June. […]

How to grow Beetroot

Beetroot Choose a sunny spot. Dig in autumn or early winter. Add well-rotted compost if humus content is low. Lime if the soil is acidic. In spring prepare the seed bed and rake in Growmore fertiliser 2-3 weeks prior to sowing. Sowing Time Mid-April-June. Crop Care When seedlings are about 1” high, thin out to leave a single plant at […]

How to grow Parsnips

Parsnips If you want to grow long and tapering parsnips you will need a deep, stone free soil, which has been well manured for a previous crop. Any reasonable soil in sun or light shade will grow a good crop. Dig deeply in autumn or early winter and refrain from adding any fresh manure or compost. Break down clods and rake […]

How to grow Carrots

Carrots The soil must be deep, fertile and rather sandy if you want to produce fine long specimens. If your soil is rather heavy or stony grow the short rooted varieties. Where land has been manured the past year don’t grow carrots at all. Prepare the seed bed 1–2 weeks before sowing – rake in a general-purpose fertiliser into the surface. […]

How to grow Potatoes

How To Grow Potatoes… Potatoes can be grown in practically every soil type and are perfect for every style of garden. Whether you are a keen or novice gardener we have everything required to get you started this season! …In The Garden Chitting Your Potatoes You need to set your seed potatoes out (shoots uppermost) […]

How to grow Cucumbers

Cucumbers – Greenhouse Plant seedlings in John Innes no.3 compost in 10” pot or grow-bags Crop Care Keep temperature at a minimum of 60-70°F. Keep the compost moist but never waterlogged. Keep the air moist and well ventilated. Spray the floor to maintain high humidity. Train the stem up a vertical wire cane. Pinch out the growing point when the leader […]