House plants that can thrive without sunlight

It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean that the entire house is bathed in sunlight. If you don’t live in an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, a greenhouse or an unusual loft conversion, it’s quite likely that you will have dark spots in your home. Although it might seem that these spots aren’t suitable for a plant, there are actually many varieties that love shade. Meet the plants that don’t like sunlight!
Just a hint of filtered sunlight will ensure that you’ll hear no complaints from the Calathea. Although it will rustle quietly, because the leaves open and close with the coming of day and night. A chatterbox like that is good company.
If you want an indoor tree for a shady corner, consider a Dracaena. This plant comes in both houseplant and house tree sizes. The name literally means ‘Lady Dragon’, which is not just a fun name for Game of Thrones fans, but also very fitting for a household with women.
The spider plant is happy whatever. Sun or a shade – it doesn’t really care. It likes a drink twice a week, but if you forget the watering can from time to time it’ll still carry on without complaint. And in its dark spot the spider plant also ensures clean air. What a hero!
The peace lily is one of the simpler houseplants: a starter model that you don’t need green fingers for, but just a couple of hands to do some watering. Within an hour the peace lily will then be proudly upright again.