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Plant of the Month – February Heathers

heathers plant of the month for February

Count on Heathers to keep the garden colourful Part of the Ericaceae family there are over 4,000 varieties of Heather to choose from, one to suit every garden. They make a welcome addition to any garden bed, border or pot, providing splashes of white, pink and purple colour all year round, while foliage colours vary […]

Plant of the Month – January

Helleborus plant of the month january

With the dark months creeping in, there is no better time to spruce up your garden with Helleborus.  Also known as the Christmas Rose, the Hellebore is a traditional garden favourite, making it the perfect choice for our Plant of the Month for January. With a colour range of pure white through to deep purple, […]

Plant of the Month – September

September’s plant of the month is Chrysanthemums This month’s Plant of the Month is the trusty Chrysanthemum – a staple of most gardens and yet highly undervalued. There would be few  flowers blooming in an October garden were it not for garden mums. Their clusters of flower heads show over a long period and are […]

Plant of the Month – July

July’s plant of the month is Conifers Few gardens rely solely on flowers for year-round interest, they also need a  structure of different plant shapes, colours and textures to provide a background and maintain year-round appeal. Conifers are ideal because they are available in so many forms, are hardy, easy to care for and long-living. Hedges In a variety of growth rates and colour give […]

Plant of the Month – May

May’s plant of the month is Lavender Relax with a versatile ‘French’ friend! Close your eyes for a moment: now, conjour up an image of soft, warm French sunlight and a sea of waving lavender stretching across a hillside – the perfect picture of Provence. Like to go there? Better still, like to bring the […]

Plant of the Month – March

Surely everybody knows pansies and their little cousins, violas, with their pretty “faces” smiling bravely through the winter! A must for containers whatever the season, they are most valuable for late colour but are just as welcome during spring and summer as well. Their colour range is huge, with single colours, bi-colours, with or without […]